Cost Management

Cost Management

  1. The manufacturing industry in South Africa and globally is undergoing a rapid transformation change. Manufacturing entities are under pressure to transform their company’s into digital businesses, become increasingly agile and efficient, and reduce production costs. Digital transformation initiatives in manufacturing industries are about improving operational efficiencies. Forward-thinking manufacturing organizations are increasingly turning to business management solutions that help automate business processes, reduce risks, produce new levels of customer and operational intelligence, and ultimately fuel digital transformation .

We at Revelation Consulting, can assist you in transcending to the new normal. For more information, please contact our offices to speak to one of our skilled advisory consultants.

2. Do you understand what your business overhead costs are, what drives those costs and how those costs can be managed?

We can assist with the following:

  • identification and analysis of  activities within your business and the costs associated with those activities
  • how to manage costs to assist in correct pricing and improved margins
  • how to eliminate non value adding activities and redesign other activities to reduce costs and still add value

Business owners require a business coach/cfo to mentor and guide them so that they can make sound business decisions. After all a decision made today can either have positive or negative ramifications five years from now.